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Working Class Private Equity is:
  • real
  • every day
  • accountable

Thornblade Capital Profile:

Thornblade Capital brings both operational and financial investment and advisory to every opportunity it engages in.  Every opportunity brings industry related resource, personnel and technology to drive better results.

Working Class Private Equity

​Our team not only includes private equity investment personnel, but includes industry specific operators, athletes, data scientists, and resources that go far beyond the standard investment profile and team.  We dont financial engineer or manage from afar; we are inside each investment every day with our sleeves rolled up.  

Its Professional and Personal

As an investment led organization, the partners investing in each investment will have personal capital being invested which brings true ownership and candor to the table right out of the gate. This creates a far more flexible and entrepreneurial approach to managing investments.  There are no preconceived mandates, timers, or expectations before the first conversation we have with our next investment.

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