Leading Gift Personalization  Platform

Leading personalization platform focusing with the gift and jewelry marketplace.  Served over 3,000 retailers and grew the customer base with some of the largest online retailers globally.  Sold to strategic within the industry.


FinTech - Prepaid Debit Card Platform

Leading prepaid debit card platform that had one of the industry's most experienced management team and industry leading technology for the under banked communities. Sold to strategic within the industry.


65+ LP Investments + GP Investments

Lead LP or GP investor in over 65 private equity fund investments over the last 20 years.  From the fund managers in the top 5 globally to inaugural first time emerging fund managers.


Debt & Flexible Capital Solutions

From factoring to flexible convertible investments. There is no box when a business owner walks in the door.


There have been over 115 other investments and / or advisory relationships we can detail across many industries with our team which includes some of the most influential operating partners within distinct market segments.


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